Two Reports Spotlight Effectiveness of Enforcement of Nursing Home Care Standards: Are Residents Protected? Are Public Funds Being Spent on Subpar or Worthless Services?

Posted on: 2015-04-21 08:04:48

April 2015. LTCCC has released two reports that review and assess the effectiveness of the state agencies responsible for (1) protecting nursing home residents and (2) ensuring appropriate use of the billions of taxpayer dollars spent on nursing home care each year. One report examines the efficacy of State Agencies nationwide (50 states + Washington, DC) while the other focuses specifically on New York State. The New York report also addresses the respective missions and activities of the NYS Medicaid Fraud Control Unit and the NYS Office of Medicaid Inspector General.

Both reports present the results of LTCCC’s study of overall state citation rates, number and amounts of fines that each state has imposed in the last three years for violations of minimum standards and the rates at which the states identified resident harm when they found deficiencies. In addition to reviewing state citations as a whole, the study focused on three criteria important to quality care – pressure ulcers, staffing and antipsychotic drugging. Our findings, detailed in the reports and interactive Excel charts, below, indicate that states often fail to identify care problems and, when they do, rarely cite facilities for having caused harm to residents.

The charts include state rankings on the various criteria. Wherever possible, the data are related to the resident, rather than the facility, level. Separately or together, the charts can be used by the public, policymakers and other stakeholders to gain insights into the strengths and weaknesses in the oversight of quality of care in any state.

National Report: Safeguarding NH Residents & Program Integrity: A National Review of State Survey Agency Performance (pdf)

NY State Report: Safeguarding Residents & Program Integrity in New York State Nursing Homes: An Assessment of Government Agency Performance (pdf)

NY State Report: Executive Summary (pdf)

Nursing Home Compare Residents + Citations + Fines 2015 (Excel)

Nursing Home Compare Pressure Ulcer Rates + Citations 2015 (Excel)

Nursing Home Antipsychotic Drugging Rates & Drugging Citations (Excel)

Nursing Home Compare Staffing Levels + Citations 2015 (Excel)

All State Medicaid Fraud Control Unit Statistics 2014 (PDF)

April 2015: All Nursing Home Antipsychotic Drugging Rates + Citations (Excel)

April 2015: CMS Update on Antipsychotic Drugging Trends (pdf)

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May 25, 2016
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