LTCCC Report Examines Nursing Home Oversight Across New York: Major Problems Still Exist - Many Regional Differences Found

Posted on: 2010-10-01 00:00:16

Nursing Home Oversight in New York State: A Regional Assessment

Vulnerable nursing home residents depend on the state to hold nursing home providers accountable for the care they receive by identifying problems during regular inspections and through investigations of complaints.

This report, supported with a grant from the New York Community Trust, examines the effectiveness of each regional office in ensuring resident safety and quality of life.

It is a follow up to a study LTCCC issued last year (see link below to that report) which compared New York's oversight performance to that of other states and the federal government. The motivation for the new study was to identify strengths and weaknesses among the regional offices overseeing nursing homes in New York and develop recommendations for the NY Department of Health to protect residents no matter where they live.

The full report (see link on the right), examples of surveyor ratings that were too low, examples of superior surveying, region by region differences, possible reasons for these differences and recommendations for improvement.

Click here to read press release

Click here to read our previous report, which compared NY State as a whole to other states: Nursing Home Residents at Risk! NYS' Failure to Oversee Nursing Homes

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April 16, 2014
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